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Resolving the Audio Challenges of the Open Meeting Space

Jun 13, 2023
Education Session
CTS: .5
CTS-D: .5
Audio Conferencing and Collaboration
Modern workspaces tend to be open in nature to allow for easy collaboration within teams. As part of the open work space, open meeting areas are also part of this modern office. With an increased hybrid work model, these open spaces require audio capture and playback to allow remote colleagues to be part of the conversation. The open meeting space faces additional audio challenges its "closed sibling" meeting room does not. Of course audio capture (microphone pick-up) and playback (loudspeakers) need to be considered, but how can the open meeting space be isolated from the surrounding work areas without putting up walls? Microphone capture has to be limited to relevant people and the relevant meeting space to avoid capturing the surrounding area, means have to be implemented to limit disturbing the surrounding work areas with the audio from the meeting space, and finally audio content might have to be protected against unwanted listeners. In this session we will talk about technologies helping the designer and integrator to provide the best possible audio experience for people in the open meeting spaces and people working around these spaces.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the unique audio challenges found in open meeting spaces versus meeting rooms.
  • Define ways how to minimize these audio challenges for open meeting spaces, allowing them implementing solutions that avoid and reduce these challenges.
  • Demonstrate to their clients the challenges of an open meeting space, as well as demonstrate how the participants solution improves audio for these environments.
Balazs Boldog, Field Sales Engineer, Specialist - Yamaha Unified Communications

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