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Jun 15, 2023
Education Session
Content Production and Streaming Live Events
This session will dive deep into all aspects of video engineering for the modern technician. The focus of this session is to de-mystify certain terminologies and workflows used daily, but often taken for granted. These topics will include: color spaces, bit-depth, chroma sub-sampling, EDID, HDCP, signal types, signal capacity. These terms are explored, analyzed, and then critiqued in their direct application to installations and live events. For example, a topic will be 8-bit content compared to 10-bit content, and how this directly affects the cable choices required for an application.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe signal types, resolutions, color depths and bit depths and how they relate to professional grade audio-visual installations.
  • Understand video signal flow and be able to successfully determine how cable choices can affect the overall quality of a video signal.
  • Understand EDID protocols and HDCP compliancy, and how to successfully incorporate protected content into any installation.
Kevin Ring, National Training Manager - NATIONWIDE VIDEO

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