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AV Integration: Is Your Business Fine-tuned for Today’s More Competitive Landscape?

Friday, June 14
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A variety of AV industry trends have many AV integrators rethinking outsourcing in some areas, to improve both their efficiency and profitability. Industry data is pointing to shrinking margins on gear, rising costs for labor, and a shift to more services not just installing equipment. And challenges in an era of what seems like a saturation of marketing messages is leading to more thoughtful, targeted approaches to marketing, including account based marketing.

Some integrators are looking more closely now at outsourcing some labor, design, complimentary tech services (like acoustical analysis), or marketing and content marketing services. What’s behind this thinking, and is outsourcing one or more of those elements an option for your AV integration company?

Presented by the AVIXA Independent Technical Services Council.

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David Lopez, Founder / CEO - MediaCentric
Mark Delguidice, Sr. Sales Director - Viper Cabling Inc.
Bill Fons, President - PTG / PSNI
Anthony Castillo, Sr. Director Pro AV Division - Rightech, Inc

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