InfoComm 2024

AVoIP Foundations

Sunday, June 09
Enterprise IT New

Note: This is a two-day course from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., June 09 - 10.

AV has gone through a series of evolutions, from analog to digital, to 4K and 8K, to the use of HDR, continuously increasing the amount of information that has to be transported.

This process has tested the different transport methods used to bring the AV signal from the source to the device where the user experiences it. From VGA to DVI, to Display Port, SDI and HDMI and even USB with type C, connectors and cables have been stretched to their limits.

Today the demand for AV consumption anytime, anywhere and in a any device, has also led to transport methods extending beyond the distances of passive solutions, Active HDMI Cables, Active hardware extenders and HDBaseT came to the rescue but remained in the “neighborhood.”

One transport method, based on standards, with global reach and proven performance, opened the door for AV signals to travel anywhere, anytime and to be experienced in any device imaginable. IP transport. AV over IP, or AVoIP has become a widely used, extremely flexible transport methods for AV, only limited by our imagination and the speed of hardware and software development to take advantage of networks.AVoIP Foundations gives you a solid basic framework to understand the key issues involved in this new AVoIP landscape. You’ll learn all of the key components and concepts to make transporting AV over IP a reality. 

Hope Roth, Professional Services Engineer - Q-SYS
Gain Foster, Senior AV Engineer







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