InfoComm 2024

SAVe Certification Workshop

Friday, June 14
Sustainability Business and Project Management

The SAVe Certification workshop provides a full-day program covering important information on current sustainability issues, a workshop session to identify ways your business can address sustainability goals, and a planning session to turn your ideas into action.

First, attendees will understand the urgent sustainability issues, such as climate change and e-waste, and the AV industry's role in these challenges. It seeks to empower participants with knowledge about sustainable practices in alignment with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal #12 - responsible manufacturing and consumption. 

Next, participants will dive deeper into the SDGs and brainstorm ways their businesses can contribute to these global goals. Through fun and collaboration, participants work in teams to generate ideas that align their businesses with the assigned SDGs. The workshop concludes with a review of the ideas presented by each team.

Finally, the planning session is designed to transform ideas from the workshop into a strategic plan that aligns the business with selected SDGs. The team will identify two to three SDGs to focus on and develop actionable steps towards achieving these goals. Businesses receive their SAVe certification after the program concludes, upon submission of their detailed strategic plan. 

Lunch will be provided. 


Debbie Williamson, President - Tempest Technologies
Julie Legault, SAVe Ambassador, Canadá - Techni+Contact & AMX Canada
Caro Sosa, SAVe Ambassador to Colombia – Board of Directors - Integración AV - SAVe
Cristiano Mazza, CXO DUCaaS_Outsourcing AV Services - DUCaaS - Discabos Group
Juan Carlos Guitiérrez, CTS, SAVe Ambassador to Colombia - Sustainable Designs and Installations Design Committee Chair - Integración AV SAS
Juan Carlos Medina, CTS, Director - Viewhaus
Raymond Kent, ASTC, Senior Design Leader | Principal - DLR Group
Kelly Perkins, Board of Directors - The Farm
Joe Perez, Chief Technology Officer, ClearTech - SAVe
Christina De Bono, President and Founder - SAVe







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