InfoComm 2024

Trend Forecast: Conferencing and Collaboration

Thursday, June 13
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AI Conferencing and Collaboration New

Navigating AI, Sustainability and Commodification in a perfect storm… The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability concerns, and increasing commodification presents both opportunities and challenges. In this panel debate, experts from diverse backgrounds come together to explore the multifaceted implications of these intersecting trends.

The discussion kicks off with an examination of AI's role in revolutionizing conferencing and collaboration. Panellists delve into how AI-powered tools enhance communication, streamline processes, and personalize user experiences. However, they also confront the ethical dilemmas surrounding data privacy, algorithmic bias, and the potential displacement of human labour.

Sustainability emerges as another critical theme, with panellists scrutinizing the environmental footprint of conferencing technologies and the importance of ESG when selecting suppliers and vendors and generally fostering eco-friendly practices within the industry.

The conversation then shifts to the commodification of conferencing and collaboration solutions. Panellists debate that reducing the cost of conferencing and collaboration solutions has the potential to significantly enhance the CX by increasing accessibility, fostering innovation, improving scalability, enabling customization. Whilst it might be argued that reducing costs and services surrounding the installation and training could have the opposite effect.

Have a question for a speaker? Ask the question in this Xchange Discussion thread, and the speaker may answer your question on-stage, or in this thread after the session! 

Chris Bischoff, Sr. Manager, Infrastructure Engineering - Republic Services Inc.
Roopam Jain, Vice President Research, Information and Communications Technologies - Frost & Sullivan
Jane Hammersley, Queen of Collaboration - Blue Touch Paper
Philip Langley, SVP Global Enterprise AV & UCC - Wesco
Timothy Mackie, Senior Field Systems Engineer - Yamaha Unified Communications







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