Matchmaking FAQs

Setting Up Your Staff 

How many booth staff can we have using the matchmaking tool? 

Unlimited - you can have as many booth staff as you need. 

What happens if an exhibitor registers as an attendee? 

If you register as an attendee, your registration will be cancelled prior to the event. Please register as an exhibitor now so you receive your correct credentials before June 16. 

Does each exhibitor booth staff have their own login?  

Yes, each exhibitor booth staff must register separately as meetings are on a one-to-one basis. They will receive their login after they register as an exhibitor and can access the matchmaking tool via the InfoComm Connected online platform.

When will exhibitors be able to set up their schedule? 

You will be able to log into the matchmaking tool on June 15 to set your schedule. 

Can I set the schedule for my entire team? 

Each individual must set their own schedule by logging into the matchmaking tool. However, you can view your team's schedule.

Do team members have access to the attendee list? 

Every team member will be able to view a list of attendees and filter the attendee list by criteria such as business type and products purchased. You will not be able to download the list. 

Meetings and the Meeting Scheduler 

What happens when I request a meeting/receive a meeting request? 

The person that you have requested the meeting with will receive an email notifying them of your request. They can then decline or accept your invitation. 

How many meetings can I request? 

Exhibitors may send 10 meeting invitations one time. Once you have reached the 10-meeting limit, invitees must either accept/decline your invitation OR you can delete your meeting request (if you have not heard back from the invitee). 

How many meeting requests can I receive? 

You can receive an unlimited number of meeting requests. As a courtesy to the requester, please accept or decline invitations. 

How do attendees know when I am available for a meeting? 

Attendees will be able to view your schedule and see the day/time blocks when you are available.  

Will times that are already scheduled be “greyed out” so not to double book meetings? 

Yes. Attendees will not be able to request a meeting with you if you already have a meeting booked during a time block. 

Can exhibitors meet with other exhibitors? 

Yes! You can request meetings with other exhibitors or attendees. Please do not register as an attendee to request a meeting with an exhibitor. 

Who receives the email notification that I have a meeting? 

You will receive an email at the address you provided during registration. 

What is the email address that the email notification will come from so I can whitelist it?


Can I sync my meeting schedule with Outlook or Google Calendar? 

Yes, the meeting participants will receive an ICS file to add the meeting straight to their calendar with meeting confirmation details.

Can an exhibitor have multiple meetings at the same time? 

No. Each meeting is one-to-one. An exhibiting company with several representatives can have multiple meetings at the same time, but an individual can only have one meeting per time block. 

Can I have a meeting with 2 or more people? 

The matchmaking tool enables one-to-one meetings. We have Virtual Group Meeting Rooms available where you can host up to 50 participants as a sponsorship. 

What happens if my meeting goes past the scheduled time? 

Your meeting will continue – you will not be “kicked out” of the meeting, even if it runs over. 

Are the scheduled meetings recorded? 


When I share my calendar, does that reveal all my meetings to the recipient? 

Your calendar will only reveal the times that you are/are not available, not the content of each meeting. 

Can attendees opt-out of meetings and/or the matchmaking tool entirely? 

Yes. When an attendee logs into the system they are opting into the matchmaking tool. They can then decline meetings. However, they are not required to log into the matchmaking tool (therefore “opting out”). 

What if I don’t log into the matchmaking platform? 

You will still be notified of meetings via email that have been requested with you. 

Finding Attendees and Exhibitors 

Can exhibitors search the attendee list? Can exhibitors search for other exhibitors?  

Yes and yes! You can search the matchmaking tool by the person’s name or company name. 

Can attendees search the exhibitor list? 

Yes! Attendees can search for your company, which will bring up your company listing within the matchmaking tool AND it will also bring up any staff you have registered for InfoComm Connected.


How can I move my company listing to the top of the page?  

This is available as a sponsorship, along with a limited number of branding opportunities within the matchmaking platform.

Technical Questions 

Do I need a webcam in order to have virtual meetings?

No, you do not need a webcam. You can participate on audio-only.

Who is Grip?

Grip is the provider for the matchmaking tool, in partnership with Freeman and InfoComm Connected. Learn more about Grip at https://grip.events/.

Do I need to download the Grip app? 

No. Please log into the matchmaking tool from the InfoComm Connected platform.