Dan Mikesell

Dan Mikesell

Dan Mikesell

President, Blackdove
United States
Dan was born in Michgan, went to college in Connecticut, lived in Latin America for 10+ years and has owned or run multiple technology companies. Dan and his wife Kathryn have been collecting emerging art for 20+ years and 14 years ago founded Miami-based Fountainhead Residency, which has hosted over 450 artists from 48 countries. Dan is a partner in Miami-based Blackdove, which is a digital art platform with residential and commercial clients across the globe. Blackdove offers its own subscription video art as well as allows its clients to upload and play their NFTs on any TV screen via their private Blackdove account. Blackdove is developing CI and designer sales partners (both resi and commercial) which offers Blackdove to its existing clients as well as prospects. Blackdove video art can play on almost any TV screen or LED wall.

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