Dawna Payne

Dawna Payne

Executive Vice President, Texadia Systems
United States

Dawna Payne has distinguished herself as a leader in the technology sector for over two decades. Her diverse career has traversed several industries, including automotive, skincare/nutritional, digital printing, and restaurant establishments across Texas. However, a serendipitous venture into the Audio Video industry transformed her professional journey, igniting a passion for technology that has paved the way for a remarkable trajectory of knowledge acquisition and achievements.


Currently, Dawna holds the position of Executive Vice President at Texadia Systems in Dallas, where she is responsible for HR, Marketing, and Finance. A significant portion of her career has been dedicated to aiding companies in formulating and propelling business strategies, developing processes, and fostering a passion for assisting employees in realizing their potential through development of training programs, mentorship, and coaching.


Dawna firmly believes that while witnessing a company's growth is rewarding, seeing the individual growth of the employees is what truly makes the experience invaluable.


Hobbies and Interests

Beyond her professional commitments, Dawna is a devoted home baker, crafting love through her creations, ranging from wedding cakes to cookies and cupcakes. She cherishes moments spent at the family lakehouse on the water, where she envisions retiring someday. Dawna is blessed with a supportive husband, two daughters, and four grandsons, who are her pride and joy.


An interesting tidbit about Dawna is her dedication to running, hiking or walking a minimum of 3–5 miles multiple times a week before embarking on her daily tasks.  It’s her morning “coffee”, so to speak and coincidentally has never had a cup of coffee.


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