Jillian Chimenti

Jillian Chimenti

Jillian Chimenti

Client Success Manager, FreeAxez
United States
With 12 years of experience in the software industry, Jillian has worked with a host of software publishers building their brand awareness while ensuring client success in the process. Having begun her career in New Jersey, her accomplishments brought her to spend 7 years working in Europe, as General Manager and later as a Brand Manager, cultivating her leadership skills and international business acumen in the software industry. Jillian joined FreeAxez with one mission: to employ her experience in delivering a mobile application that fulfills its promise to give users the Power to Change. As the Customer Success Manager, Jillian leads the Gridd Mobile team at FreeAxez, working with the development, Design, and Project Management teams to build a first of its kind mobile application which delivers intrinsic value to its users.



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