Michelle Montazeri

Michelle Montazeri

Michelle Montazeri

National Digital Signage Solutions, Legrand | AV
United States
Michelle Montazeri, Manager, Digital Signage, has been a part of the Legrand | AV team for 12 years, with her start when Chief was “just” Chief. As the company has evolved over the last decade, she has proven her ability to build long-lasting relationships. Now in her current role, combining her prior experience in product management with her sales success at Legrand, Michelle excels in bridging product development and business development. Whether acting as a trusted advisor consulting on successful digital signage implementations, or building relationships with key partners in the digital signage ecosystem, Michelle enjoys the process of helping clients exceed their objectives. When not neck-deep in digital signage, Michelle enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially her nephews, and you'll often find her on the beaches of San Diego.



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