Nate Hall

Nate Hall

Nate Hall

Executive Producer,, Stream Virtual Productions Ltd.
United States

Nate Hall is the CEO and Executive Producer at Stream Virtual, an integrated, broadcast-quality video production company that specializes in bringing people together through the power of storytelling and vibrant, multifaceted events.

Nate built his expertise working as a producer of broadcast television for national networks for two decades. His passion for producing deeply engaging, concept-driven and highly entertaining segments made him a trusted name in the film and television industry. 

Nate parlayed his passion for storytelling onto a broader stage, and specializes in helping brands connect with their audiences through a range of broadcast-quality streaming solutions that deliver deeply immersive, highly interactive experiences that connect at an emotional level. 

Nate has had the pleasure of working on Oprah’s Life You Want webcast, and his client partners include BNI Global, Warner Brothers, MNG Health, United Way, and the US Navy.






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