Paul Fleuranges

Paul Fleuranges

Paul Fleuranges

Board Member, Digital Signage Federation
United States
Performance-driven media management expert, leading OOH organizations in the creation, operations, and execution of digital and print media networks. Experienced at transforming traditional marcom channels to best in class digital signage networks – creating new revenue streams at scale. Adept at technology evaluation of hardware and CMS software, operational and environment requirements, support and service, and how integrated communications and content must perform to motivate key audiences, change behavior, and deliver results. My expertise includes development of communications and marketing campaigns for digital media and print, content creation for digital signage, and directing high performing teams in creation of engaging user experience designs. I was instrumental in leading the digitization of customer information in the NYC Subway environment. As a resourceful leader of process improvements, I enjoy trailblazing uncertain business terrains, framing the challenge, slating a strategy and plan, enlisting the right resources, and motivating results. I implement strategic marketing strategies encompassing a multi-media platform, motivating teams to provide the best customer support, and deliver successful revenue growth practices.



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