Valentino Vettori

Valentino Vettori

Valentino Vettori

Founder, Arcadia Earth
Valentino Vettori, founder of Arcadia Earth, is an experiential artist dedicated to reimagining the way people interact and engage with the environments that surround them. With over 20 years of experience working with leading fashion institutions, Vettori designed interactive retail experiences and innovative spatial relationships between consumers and brand environments. Driven by a growing awareness of the ecological challenges we face and a profound desire to inspire emotional experiences, Valentino Vettori’s vision for Arcadia Earth was born in 2017 out of a promise Vettori made to Paul Hawken that he would channel his craft to inspire positive environmental change. In September 2019, Arcadia Earth opened in New York as the first multi-sensory art exhibit, designed to challenge the mediums through which we spread environmental awareness and instigate climate action. Arcadia Earth then opened its second location in Las Vegas in January 2022 with plans for national and global expansion.

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